The Choice for Elite Portfolio Managers

Fundamental Equity Manager Initiative

Schonfeld offers a unique business opportunity for fundamental equity managers with the objective of enabling them to:

  • Maximize their economic and business potential.
  • Satisfy their need for scalable, risk tolerant capital.
  • Maintain their autonomy.
  • Locate most anywhere in the world.

The Schonfeld Edge

Sophisticated Investor:

Schonfeld’s more than 25 year history is a testament to the firm’s core competence.

  • Accomplished manager of capital and trading risk.
  • Experienced, risk-tolerant, stable investor in fundamental equity investment strategies.
  • Committed and scalable long-term capital.
  • Independent manager evaluation.
Investment Set-up Flexibility and Support:

Schonfeld has created a unique structure to provide managers with autonomy, flexibility and authorized support to best enable managers to maximize the value of their businesses.

  • Managers may establish independent advisory firms and Schonfeld provides managers with access to its network of external service providers.
  • Managers maintain portable track records.
  • Managers are permitted to co-invest in their own strategies.
  • Managers can be afforded the option to accommodate external capital.
  • Managers are afforded significant location flexibility and can maintain a global presence.
Advanced Trading Tools and Execution Capabilities:

Schonfeld has been engaged in the discretionary trading business for many years and utilizes a diverse set of tools to enable managers to best learn from and/or receive support in their daily operations.

  • Customized integration of an end-to-end technology solution to meet the specific needs of each investment business.
  • Proprietary data center facilities providing reliable, stable and scalable systematic infrastructure.
  • Global access to multiple execution venues with middle and back office technology functionality.
Compensation and Capital Allocation:

Schonfeld’s principles around compensation and capital allocation reflect the insights garnered from years of experience working with systematic strategies and managers.

  • Formulaic performance-based compensation with no “netting risk.”
  • Portfolio manager-specific capital allocations. 
  • Low transaction and financing costs.
  • Focus on risk-adjusted returns.

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