The Choice for Elite Portfolio Managers


Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC, a newly-established SEC-registered investment adviser (“Schonfeld”), invests its capital with its portfolio managers who engage in a multitude of investment and trading strategies, generally falling into three broad categories. [1]

  • Statistical arbitrage and other quantitatively-driven strategies.
  • Fundamental equity / relative value.
  • Tactical trading (including discretionary and systematic short-term trading strategies).

The predecessor to Schonfeld’s advisory business is a family office operated by Steven Schonfeld. Schonfeld provides investment advisory services to both Mr. Schonfeld’s family office and collective investment accounts (or hedge funds) in which qualified purchasers are permitted to invest with the purpose of obtaining substantially the same market and risk exposure as Mr. Schonfeld’s family office with respect to the investment and trading strategies set forth above.

In a crowded and highly-competitive market, Schonfeld seeks to create significant opportunities for alpha by:

  • Assembling cohesive teams of portfolio managers, traders, analysts, researchers, scientists, developers and
    other technologists, support personnel and management.
  • Building and investing in state-of-the-art technology, including low-latency trading systems and tools and data center facilities.
  • Investing stable investment capital with a view toward generating superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • Offering flexible, generous and creative performance packages and independent partnerships
    consistent with Schonfeld’s entrepreneurial focus.

Schonfeld’s business traces its beginnings to 1988 when Mr. Schonfeld founded a short-term trading firm that quickly became one of Wall Street’s most unique and profitable trading firms, establishing itself as a leader in the field of short-term trading. Since those early days, Schonfeld and its predecessors have effectively aligned their interests with those of their portfolio managers, traders and other personnel who have seen their successes drive the success of the business. Schonfeld’s formula to successfully compete in the world’s markets combines an entrepreneurial spirit with trading acumen, market knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

[1] "Schonfeld" refers not only to Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC, but also to certain of its affiliates, as applicable, including Schonfeld Group Holdings LLC
(which is a client of Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC) and Schonfeld Tools LLC (which is a service provider to Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC).