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Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC

Schonfeld in 2016 - a year marked by significant acquisitions of top-tier investment talent across Quantitative and Fundamental Equity trading strategies.

NEW YORK -- December 19, 2016 -- For Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC ("Schonfeld"), a SEC registered investment adviser, 2016 has been a year of significant talent acquisition. Schonfeld operates a multi-manager platform that deploys investment and operating capital to Quantitative and Fundamental Equity PMs. Schonfeld's platform, which today encompasses 50+ portfolio management teams, accommodates the retention of both "internal" and "Partner" PMs, on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis, as part of Schonfeld's unique dedication to providing each PM the optimal business structure to succeed and accomplish their business objectives.

During the year, Schonfeld added 7 Fundamental Equity investment teams to its "internal" platform across 4 sectors, including healthcare, energy, TMT and consumer, as well as a dedicated capital markets strategy. Schonfeld also retained 5 Fundamental Equity investment teams for its "partner" platform, bringing the year-end total of Partner Fundamental Equity PMs to 20. Those new Partner PMs helped Schonfeld to grow its exposure to healthcare, TMT, business services and utilities, and to embark on a considerable expansion in Asia. Today, in total, Schonfeld has approximately 30 Fundamental Equity PM's investing capital on its behalf across its investment structures.

On the Quant side, 6 partner quantitative teams joined the platform, marking a further global expansion of an already robust quant portfolio, particularly in Asia and Europe. Schonfeld added a variety of orthogonal strategies, including quant macro, and expanded its presence in both Asia and Europe.

Schonfeld has expanded its platform not only through the recruitment of investment talent, but also by heavily investing in significant technology and facilities infrastructure, systems and support personnel. Its technology team has grown from 25 to 47 employees, including personnel solely responsible for data acquisition and procurement, mobile technology and advanced front-end solutions for Schonfeld's risk and treasury departments. The team's largest project is the development of a next-generation, proprietary order management system.

Strategic hires during the year included additional management personnel. Schonfeld has welcomed senior management across multiple disciplines within the organization, including Risk, Corporate Access and Sell-Side Relationship Management, Accounting, Treasury/Finance, and Operations. In collaboration with the existing management team, Schonfeld's newly-hired team members will look to further enhance Schonfeld's offering to existing and prospective PMs through specialized industry expertise and quantitative analyses.

Schonfeld is very optimistic about its prospects for success in 2017. Schonfeld will continue to focus on the establishment and maintenance of long and rewarding relationships with all of its investment talent and other personnel, and look to maximize its risk-adjusted returns via its entrepreneurial spirit, high-touch service and world class infrastructure.

About Schonfeld Strategic Advisors LLC

Schonfeld, a newly established SEC registered investment adviser, invests capital with PMs and tactical traders. A global investment management firm that traces its roots back to 1988, Schonfeld manages an aggregate gross market value in excess of $13 billion as of December 16, 2016, an increase of approximately 55% since January 4, 2016. Schonfeld deploys its stable, risk-tolerant capital to a multitude of investment and trading strategies which fall into three broad categories: statistical arbitrage and other quantitatively-driven strategies; fundamental equity / relative value; and tactical trading. Schonfeld supports over 50 investment teams by investing capital, funding operating expenses, and supporting technology infrastructure, including co-located facilities at various execution venues.